Travel Agents: Mexico Boutique Hotels Guarantees Your Commission 100%!

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (October 13, 2008) – Well-known to travel agents around the world as a reliable partner in the industry, Mexico Boutique Hotels takes that relationship one step further by offering a 100% Commission Guarantee. “Commissions are the lifeblood of travel agents, and we are well aware that sometimes it is difficult to receive these when working with a foreign country,” said Sylvie Laitre, Director of Mexico Boutique Hotels. “We have always worked hard to ensure our agents were paid in a timely manner, but through our alliance with FEI Enterprises, we can guarantee it!” 


FEI Enterprises is an international financial services agency dedicated to the tourism industry. Among other things, they offer commission payment and accounts receivable services to hotels worldwide, facilitating foreign transactions on both ends of the equation. The 100% Commission Guarantee isn’t the only benefit agents get from partnering with Mexico Boutique Hotels. Here are a few more reasons to book through us:


1. Our concierge can help you enhance your clients experience even more—before, during and after their visit, across separate hotels in multiple destinations. We can be as “up front” or “behind the scenes” as you want us to be. 


2. Agent rates are available at all MBH properties—we can help organize your trip so you can get to know our properties personally and be better prepared to help your clients enjoy the best of Mexico. 


3. One call does it all: every detail, for one property and one destination or several properties and several destinations. 


4. You will benefit from our close relationship with our hoteliers, not to mention the fact that our offices are in Mexico, not thousands of miles from the source.


5. We are available via toll-free numbers, online chat and email, and our website is an excellent source of information on both hotels and destinations. We speak your language and that of our hoteliers and staff, so there’s less lost in translation.


6. We have personally visited—and qualified—each and every hotel on our roster. Qualifying, by the way, is not a one-time deal: we are constantly reviewing properties to make sure they live up to our standards.


Give us your client’s needs, we can recommend the very best vacation and you can reap the reward of repeat business. Because we represent so many different properties, each with its own unique attributes, you can rest assured we’re not in the business of just selling rooms. We sell experiences—experiences that are tailored to your client’s desire. Let us be your “Mexico insider” to help you become your client’s “Mexico expert”.


To book any of Mexico Boutique Hotels’ stylish properties for your best clients and receive your guaranteed commission check, call 1-800-728-9098 (US and Canada) or visit 


About Mexico Boutique Hotels

Established in 1999, Mexico Boutique Hotels is a collection of 46 upscale, independent member properties handpicked for their intimacy, high level of service and outstanding attributes. Membership cannot be bought, it must be earned. Some properties are housed in exquisitely restored architectural gems, others are paeans to Mexican cuisine, still others showcase the sleekly modern—but they each encourage guests to savor the many fascinating traditions of this vast country and all offer guests a unique travel experience. Typically less than 30 rooms in size, they are often destinations unto themselves. Based in Puerto Vallarta, MBH is staffed by an experienced team of travel and hospitality professionals who both live and work in Mexico.


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