Mexico Boutique Hotels: 10 Years Of Bringing You Mexico’s Crème de la Crème

Acapulco, MEXICO (April 27, 2009) – As he made his rounds in the air-conditioned bustle of the Acapulco Convention Center during 1999’s Tianguis Marketplace, John Youden found himself in a very unique situation. An avid traveler and entrepreneur, the publisher of travel and lifestyle magazines and websites, John had long been on a quest to find unique boutique accommodations for himself and his wife, Florence, during their frequent trips through Mexico. He eschewed chain hotels, preferring those that held themselves to their very own high standards of service, providing guests with a sense of intimacy that translated into unforgettable getaways. Word of his “vacation research” got out, and during this Tianguis, the biggest gathering of travel service providers in Mexico, he suddenly realized he had become a sort of middleman between great boutique hotels and travel agents looking for the best place to send their clients. Hotels that, in fact, had mentioned at one point the desire to pool their money together and market themselves as a group. “See a need, fill a need” came to mind, and Mexico Boutique Hotels was born. 

Throughout the past ten years, Mexico Boutique Hotels (MBH) has evolved into a connoisseur’s collection of boutique properties that spans the entire country, from the Pacific Coast to the Riviera Maya, from mountaintops to grand metropolises. Each property is different from the next, but all share an extraordinary level of service and attention to detail, and all give their visitors a holiday that reaches beyond a simple hotel stay. Membership can only be earned, not bought. But there’s more. By virtue of their exclusive membership, MBH provides these small hotels with international promotion, marketing and reservations support through toll-free numbers, live chat, and real time online reservations. Their website—likened to a “one-stop-shop” for discerning travelers—also offers galleries and detailed hotel and destination information, circuit tour ideas, packages and specials and much more. Service is paramount. Indeed, one of the hallmarks of MBH is their innovative concierge service, which welcomes guests immediately upon booking, tends to their needs whether they stay in one property or several, whether in one destination or many. 

“It has been an amazing journey, one that still continues to this day,” said Youden. “Introducing travelers to lodgings that truly exemplify Mexico’s many charms has been extraordinarily rewarding. We offer the consumer convenience, security and the knowledge that they will enjoy an unforgettable stay. We offer our hotels promotional and professional support, gleaned from our years of experience with what truly works for this type of remarkable properties, as well as a flawless conduit for business. It’s a winning combination any way you look at it.” 

“There might be other companies out there with ‘boutique branches’ and multiple discount travel sites, but I feel that throughout this past decade we’ve maintained the essence of who we are and what we’re all about,” commented Sylvie Laitre, Director of MBH. “Our main goal is to help travelers plan and enjoy unique, high quality experiences in Mexico. We’re not just all about the sale.” 

“Casa de Sierra Nevada is proud to be associated with Mexico Boutique Hotels. From the outset, the support and service we have received from the entire HBM team has been friendly, professional and very personal. Being proactive is an essential trait of modern day businesses and with MBH we know we are at the forefront here in Mexico, creating great opportunities that help grow our revenues and keep our guests truly delighted.” —Marc Rodriguez, General Manager, Casa de Sierra Nevada (San Miguel de Allende) 

“No other source has been more valuable to Hacienda de los Santos for excellent media coverage. Mexico Boutique Hotels has had steady, quality growth due to a high focus on media coverage in both the U.S. and Mexico.” —Jim Swickard, Owner, Hacienda de los Santos (Alamos) 

“Being a part of Mexico Boutique Hotels’ infrastructure has allowed us to evolve as a business and has given us the opportunity to become a part of a worldwide brand, thus gaining awareness in the mind of the consumer. Our membership has helped us understand that, although many hotels offer ‘personalized service,’ we are also committed to following higher standards of quality; to paying closer attention to detail; to truly enjoying and wanting to offer this service and to working every day to ensure our guests not only rest their bodies, but also their souls. When this elusive ‘it’ has been attained, when you know you’ve gone beyond merely being a place for guests to spend the night. When you hear, for example, someone like Carlos Santana refer to Villa Ganz as ‘a sanctuary,’ that’s when you really know you’ve taken that extra step, that all your efforts have born fruit and you’ve transformed a simple hotel room into an unforgettable haven. Thank you John and Florence for turning an idea into a reality. Thank you Sylvie for your incredible management. And thanks to all of MBH’s personnel for your invaluable efforts.” —Sally Rangel, Owner, Villa Ganz (Guadalajara) 

“At Los Juaninos, we’ve found that over the past 10 years our success as a company has gone hand in hand with belonging to a group of hotels that guarantees their members’ high quality, excellent sense of place and their authenticity, emphasized by their interest in offering the premium tourist the highest level of service and the opportunity to enjoy unique experiences in every corner of our Mexico. This would never have been possible without the support of a company as qualified as Mexico Boutique Hotels. Our partnership of 10 years in this growing and very competitive industry has been extremely gratifying. Congratulations to the entire team!” —Arq. Fernando Perez Cordoba, Director, Los Juaninos (Morelia) 

“There is no doubt that being a part of Mexico Boutique Hotels is a true mark of prestige for a small luxury hotel. Working with a team that always strives for excellence has been a learning experience. CasaSandra is grateful to Mexico Boutique Hotels for their trust, for the company itself and for the sales they have brought to us.” —Sandra Perez, Owner, CasaSandra (Isla Holbox) 

To enjoy any of Mexico Boutique Hotels’ stylish properties, call 1-800-728-9098 (US and Canada) or visit 


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