Established in 1999 by John Youden, Mexico Boutique Hotels is a collection of 46 upscale, independent member properties handpicked for their intimacy, high level of service and outstanding attributes. Some are housed in exquisitely restored architectural gems, others are paeans to Mexican cuisine, still others showcase the sleekly modern—but they each encourage guests to savor the many fascinating traditions of this vast country and all offer guests a unique travel experience. Typically less than 30 rooms in size, they are often destinations unto themselves. Based in Puerto Vallarta, MBH is staffed by an experienced team of travel and hospitality professionals who both live and work in Mexico.

Book any of Mexico Boutique Hotels’ stylish properties by calling 1-800-728-9098 (U.S. and Canada) or visiting www.mexicoboutiquehotels.com. 


3 Responses to ABOUT MBH

  1. I am organizing the Mexico Living Expo to be held in Vancouver Canada this October 10 & 11. The event is designed to promote tourism & investment in Mexico. I am affiliated with an investment club with over 7000 members all of whom will receive a personal invitation to attend the Expo. I invite any of the hotels to participate at the Expo; please go to http://www.mexicolivingexpo.com amd contact me.
    Thank you,Brian Blackburn Cabo San Lucas 624 157 6445

  2. Pat Horvath says:

    I thoroughly enjoy working with Mexico Boutique Hotels. The responses are quick, as are the commissions, and the properties are the best!

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