Kudos for our Concierge!

Rocio and her family

Rocio Martinez Quintal











The Person Behind MBH Concierge Service

“There actually is an OZ at Mexico Boutique Hotels—her name is Rocío Martínez Quintal.”

                                   —Sylvie Laitre, Director, Mexico Boutique Hotels

The fact that there’s only one person behind the curtain is quite amazing. Meet Rocío Martínez Quintal, Mexico Boutique Hotels’ very own Hotel Concierge.

Born in Tepic, Nayarit, Rocío began her tour de force with a bachelor’s degree in Tourism from the University of Guadalajara in 2002 and a brand new job as hostess/cashier at the Marriott Hotel’s Mikado Restaurant in Puerto Vallarta. She was soon promoted to the business center, where she decided to focus her laser-like attention on becoming a top-notch concierge. From the Marriott she moved to Hacienda San Angel where she became a member of the prestigious Clefs D’Or, an exclusive international association of professional hotel concierges. She has now been with Mexico Boutique Hotels for two outstanding years.

“I love being a concierge,” says Rocío, “because I love pampering clients. I love discovering a new way to create something special from the smallest of details. It really doesn’t need to be a special occasion! This is like a hobby for me, a sort of challenge to find the perfect combination for each person. And, at the end, I help them take home a truly unique experience. I’ve actually been doing this since… well, all my life! 

My hobbies include traveling—in Mexico! I love road trips so I can explore as I go along, I enjoy jigsaw puzzles, playing with my daughter, reading, and exercising to the beat of Zumba classes.”

“Please do not hesitate to let me know if there is anything I can assist you with!”


Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
“I’ve been involved in the high-end aspects of travel for 28 years and worked with some of the best companies in the world – Rocio of Mexico Boutique hotels along with the hotels she represents can consider themselves on a par with Four Seasons Hotel for superlative service and attention to detail. It’s a boutique hotel chain one can believe in. ”

—Tamsin Allpress of Tamsin and Cooke llc. USA. April, 2009


“Whenever I’ve worked on stories that involve Mexico Boutique Hotels Rocio has made absolutely sure that I get all the information and contacts that my reporting requires. She is fast, knowledgeable, cheerful and seems to check her email 24 hours a day. No matter what time I send a request she responds almost immediately!” 

—Karen Catchpole, Journalist, Global Features. USA. April, 2009.


“Your service was great! You were able to find a room for me at CondesaDF when they were listed as sold out on their website and when I checked with my travel agency. The offered rate was a competitive rate and beat other rates listed on other websites. The service and communication from your team was prompt. It was great to find a service and site such as yours in Mexico, where I often travel. I will definitely use your site in the future…”

—C. Scott. USA.  July 27 – 30, 2008


“My name is Rebecca McDaniel and I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A. For the past two years, my husband and I have had the pleasure of arranging our spring vacations in Mexico with Rocio Martinez Quintal. Both of our trips were wonderful due to Rocio’s excellent assistance. I write this email to let you know how much we value her professionalism and her attention to the details which make or brake a successful vacation.

She helped us last year with a trip to Guadalajara. We stayed at the Villa Ganz and Rocio took care of our every need. She arranged our transportation to and from the airport, all of our dining reservations, tours, and special “surprise” arrangements I made to celebrate my husband’s birthday. She even continued to assist us after we returned home in processing a claim with our travel insurance company resulting from a flight cancellation by Alma Airlines. We traveled to Guadalajara in March, and the insurance claim was not resolved until August. Rocio offered her assistance to us the entire time. So, when it came time to plan our Mexican vacation this year, we immediately contacted Rocio.

Once again, she exceeded all our expectations. This year, we went to Puerto Vallarta. Initially, she recommended a number of resorts and destinations throughout Mexico. We then decided on Puerto Vallarta and the Beachhouse at Villa Verano. We made our plans in November for the week of March 27 through April 6. During this entire time, Rocio provided us with extraordinary service. She took photos of the Beachhouse to show us the view and where the Beachhouse was relative to the Romantic Zone. Because of construction at Villa Verano, she took periodic photos of the construction throughout the winter so we could assess how it would impact our enjoyment of the Beachhouse. Then, when it became apparent the construction would not be completed by the time of our stay, she found us other accommodations and arranged for a full refund of our deposit at the Beachhouse. She made all of our dining reservations, arranged for grocery shopping in advance of our arrival, and checked with us throughout our stay to confirm everything was to our satisfaction. One of the highlights of our trip was to actually meet Rocio in person. After corresponding with her for almost two years, we wanted to meet her. Because Rocio had such a vast knowledge of Guadalajara last year, we were stunned to learn shortly before our trip to Guadalajara that she didn’t live there and lived in Puerto Vallarta. So, this year we made a point of asking her to meet us and she graciously accepted. It was a delight to visit with her in person.

We love to vacation in Mexico and look forward to working with Rocio in planning our future vacations. I have recommended her and Mexico Boutique Hotels to many friends and business associates. I even put her in my law firm’s “Little Black Book” last Christmas. It was a Holiday marketing piece sponsored by my law firm and distributed to approximately 1,500 clients and referral sources. As a lawyer, I am in the service business and know how important good customer service is. Service is what separates a good experience from an excellent one. Rocio provides excellent experiences.”

—R. McDaniel. USA. March, 2009


“I had a very positive experience with Rocio when I was booking one of the hotels which is represented by her company, Boutique Hotels of Mexico. She always responded to my questions quickly and with an impressive depth of knowledge. She followed up after my clients’ stay at the hotel to make sure that all had gone as planned. She is an excellent representative for Boutique Hotels of Mexico and I look forward to working with her many times in the future.”

—Linda Van Buren (Travel agent). USA. December, 2008.


“Great Results, Personable, Expert. Rocio is a very professional, service-oriented concierge. Knowledgeable and thorough, she goes the extra mile for our clients. Not only does she do what is asked of her, but she also is creative and enjoys suggestings special touches to enhance the stay of clients—and then follows through in a hands-on way with any special requests.” 
—B. Jones (Travel Agent). USA. October, 2008


“Great Results, Personable, Good Value.” 
—A. Dooley. USA. July, 2008


“Sitting on my veranda in India Rocio helped me out in seconds to compose some itineraries for round trips in Mexico. She was very prompt to answer all the queries and all her propositions came before the promised delays.” 
—Jan Arryn, owner & managing director, Symphony Hospitality Pvt Ltd (business partner)


“I was planning a short vacation to Mexico for my wife and myself when Rocio’s email just appeared like a Godsend. She represents Mexico Boutique Hotels which we were looking to stay in. In about a couple of email exchanges I felt I had known her for years! Rocio is not just very helpful: she evidently loves what she does, she knows Mexico (her recommendation for me to visit Querataro was one of the best), she believes in her Hotels, is always ready and wanting to help, and responds immediately. We’ve never met but I’m willing to place all my bets on Rocio when it comes to travelling in Mexico. Thank you, Rocio, for our wonderful vacation in your wonderful country!!” 
—Kris Ramachandran. June, 2008.


“Rocio is a person who truly cares about her client’s needs and fulfilling them. From the onset of our communications it was very apparent that she wanted to ensure that my requirements were met. Moreover, not only were they met but she exceeded them. She is a person who truly lives by the words; under promise and over delivery – a great attribute to have.” 
—David Esquivel. USA. March, 2008.


“Rocio is an extraordinarily professional and helpful individual, who acts quickly on requests and responds in a timely manner. She is reliable, dependable, and very friendly, as well as effective in her work.
—Julie Schwietert Collazo, Managing Editor, MatadorNetwork
“Rocio is a detail-oriented specialist on Mexican boutique hotels. She is very professional and thorough, and works in partnership with Travel Agents to provide unique experiences for their shared clients. Her extensive knowledge of these boutique hotels is quite impresive. She offers you personalized and informative assistance every step of the way.” 
—Mary Jo Babiarz, Travel Consultant, The Travel Bag. USA


Thank you for following up with us. Everything you helped us plan went smoothly. We loved the cooking class and Talavera tour. Puebla is a very interesting city and we are so glad we went. Your assistance added to the enjoyment of our trip. We will definitely use your services again when we travel to Mexico. Best wishes for a happy new year. —P. Goodman, USA. Meson Sacristia de la Compañia. December, 2007.


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