MBH Glossary – rating our hotels

Because we specialize in boutique hotels, we’re frequently asked the meaning of the word “boutique” and exactly what sets a Mexico Boutique Hotel apart from the rest. Truth is, nowadays so many hotels and large chains have taken to calling themselves “boutique” that it’s no surprise the true significance of the word has gotten diluted. So, how does MBH distinguish its properties?

Our definition is really quite simple, and is based on the French word that gives this notion its name: boutique: a small place of business where an expert will offer you detailed, attentive service, whether you’re looking for the freshest piece of fruit, the most delectable perfume or the perfect place to spend the night. In translating this concept into hotels, potential member properties must be intimate in size (most have under 30 rooms), be meticulously and tastefully decorated, have perfectly choreographed, impeccable service and, most importantly, be willing to go to great lengths (and think outside the box) to provide guests with a faultlessly tailored, exceptional experience.

Hotels that are hand-chosen and certified by Mexico Boutique Hotels proudly display a handcrafted pewter plaque at their door. Each hotel is lovingly operated and an authentic, private business that reflects the true essence of Mexico, its heritage, its folklore and the embracing warmth of its people.

A visit to a Mexico Boutique Hotel is always a unique experience and, from one hotel to the next, variations in style, mood, concept and design could be very subtle or completely opposite. Since membership in Mexico Boutique Hotels ensures a high standard of service and quality, we’ve adopted key words, in lieu of a ratings system, to help you select the vacation experience you are seeking and the mood you crave. Here are the definitions of the words which you’ll find below each hotel’s name throughout our site:

Elite, extravagant, deluxe, sumptuous.

Subtle, delicate, fine, polished, refined, tasteful.

Good taste, refined, cultivated, elegant yet casual.

Relaxed, comfortable, informal, laid-back.

Isolated, remote, off the beaten track.

Simple, provincial, natural materials, wood and stone.

Unspoiled; pristine; alternative energy sources; sunlight, candles and torches.

Juxtaposition; beauty; delight in architecture and design inside and out.

Taste temptations; epicurean; exquisite; organic; extraordinary.

Location, location, location; attractions; tours; walking distance.

Roomy; airy; uncluttered; ample; open.

International; worldly; unique; tasteful combinations; distinctive.


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