Media Welcome


We’ve moved our previous press section to this easy-to-update, even-easier-to-access Blog/Media room where we hope you’ll find all that you need regarding Mexico Boutique Hotels and even more. If you don’t, well please do send me a quick email ( and I’ll add your required information to our site…pronto!

To get started, what you WILL find in this section is a brief history of MBH, a current list of Member hotels (including destination and urls), story lines, news releases (these are in the actual blog section), interviews with myself, information on our concierge, guest comments, and other useful lists that help depict what we are all about.

Please use anything you need.  All we really ask in return is that our work be compensated in the form of a mention (a call to action is always nice!) when you use our material. Thank you.

Now, regarding images. I know it’s so much easier if you can just download high-res photos automatically but we prefer to send you all the images you need, once we’ve had initial contact. It’s nice to meet whoever might be writing about us and we’re usually really fast at getting the images to you. If you haven’t worked with us before, here’s the simplest way to go about it.

1. Visit our site and see what hotel(s) you’d like to feature. There is a hotels link at the top-left  below our logo. If you’re pressed for time, click HERE and we’ll take you straight to it.

2. Once you are on a hotel page, you’ll see four main images and in the right-hand corner of the main image you’ll see ‘SEE MORE PHOTOS’.

3. This is the hotel’s official photo gallery and we only put up images here that ARE available in high resolution.

4. Email me and tell me what images (we’ve numbered them to make it easy) you need and you’ll receive them within 24 hours (usually much less than that).

So, please browse through these pages and don’t be shy if there’s information missing. We’re here to help!

Welcome—or welcome back—to Mexico Boutique Hoels


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