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July 21, 2009

We’ve moved!!

Just so you don’t lose track or think I haven’t posted in over 2 weeks please follow me to our new MEXICO BOUTIQUE HOTELS BLOG address. Same blog, better zip code 😉


Mexico Boutique Hotels: 10 Years Of Bringing You Mexico’s Crème de la Crème

April 27, 2009

Acapulco, MEXICO (April 27, 2009) – As he made his rounds in the air-conditioned bustle of the Acapulco Convention Center during 1999’s Tianguis Marketplace, John Youden found himself in a very unique situation. An avid traveler and entrepreneur, the publisher of travel and lifestyle magazines and websites, John had long been on a quest to find unique boutique accommodations for himself and his wife, Florence, during their frequent trips through Mexico. He eschewed chain hotels, preferring those that held themselves to their very own high standards of service, providing guests with a sense of intimacy that translated into unforgettable getaways. Word of his “vacation research” got out, and during this Tianguis, the biggest gathering of travel service providers in Mexico, he suddenly realized he had become a sort of middleman between great boutique hotels and travel agents looking for the best place to send their clients. Hotels that, in fact, had mentioned at one point the desire to pool their money together and market themselves as a group. “See a need, fill a need” came to mind, and Mexico Boutique Hotels was born. 

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Small is Beautiful…by Nick Gallo

October 21, 2006

A great review on Mexico Boutique Hotels published in Canada’s Ottawa Citizen. 


Five Years From Simple Beginnings, Mexico Boutique Hotels Has Achieved Leadership Role In Mexican Tourism Industry

February 12, 2005


Mexico Boutique Hotels finished its five years of operation with its best room night and revenue production for its 31 member hotel collection. For a company that started out as a hotel association with a simple desire to foster awareness of a unique hotel product in Mexico, director general John Youden is proud of the tangible results. MBH closed 2004 with a total of 4808 room-nights and an average rate of US$302.00 for total revenue of $1.452 million; its best results since its foundation in 1999.
As well as offering a highly defined product, Youden attributes the results to a culmination of five years of strategic development backed by a penchant for guarding the company’s integrity in order to win public confidence. “We are in full growth mode, with travellers on both sides of the border recognizing Mexico Boutique Hotels as a trusted source for one of Mexico’s most authentic vacation experiences. Our national travel volume now equals that of international visitors.”
With international contemporaries such as Relais & Chateaux and Small Luxury Hotels, Youden says, “Our strength remains in our focus exclusively on Mexico and our integrity as the only company in the Republic that unifies the boutique niche of hotels under a strict qualification system.” The designation program created by MBH has been highly defined over the past five years. Youden has been so true to his vision of what qualifies as a Mexico Boutique Hotel that, in 2004, he turned away more applicants than he approved. He has maintained that scrutiny in the 2005 qualification process which was completed in March.
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