Romantic Hideaways for weddings, honeymoons, and other passionate interludes

June 21, 2009

Romantic tradition smiles on flowers and chocolates. But when you are fortunate enough to have found a special someone, why not celebrate it in a country renowned for its warmth? Mexico Boutique Hotels offers novel experiences meant to be shared, along with the intimacy you crave.

Catch a Movie of Your Lives Together
The historic Hacienda de los Santos in the world heritage site of Alamos has a comfy private theater where you can set up her favorite movie, plan a romantic snack, and kick back together on butter-soft leather sofas. If married, you might surprise your bride by screening your wedding video, or perhaps the first movie you saw as a couple, while hotel staff wait on you hand and foot.

Romance in Alamos, Sonora

Romance in Alamos, Sonora

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