Mexico Boutique Hotels: 10 Years Of Bringing You Mexico’s Crème de la Crème

April 27, 2009

Acapulco, MEXICO (April 27, 2009) – As he made his rounds in the air-conditioned bustle of the Acapulco Convention Center during 1999’s Tianguis Marketplace, John Youden found himself in a very unique situation. An avid traveler and entrepreneur, the publisher of travel and lifestyle magazines and websites, John had long been on a quest to find unique boutique accommodations for himself and his wife, Florence, during their frequent trips through Mexico. He eschewed chain hotels, preferring those that held themselves to their very own high standards of service, providing guests with a sense of intimacy that translated into unforgettable getaways. Word of his “vacation research” got out, and during this Tianguis, the biggest gathering of travel service providers in Mexico, he suddenly realized he had become a sort of middleman between great boutique hotels and travel agents looking for the best place to send their clients. Hotels that, in fact, had mentioned at one point the desire to pool their money together and market themselves as a group. “See a need, fill a need” came to mind, and Mexico Boutique Hotels was born. 

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Mexico Boutique Hotels Welcomes Four New Properties To Its Exclusive Group

April 27, 2009

Mexico Boutique Hotels has discovered four more properties to add to its roster: El Chante (Chapala), Hotel des Artistes (Punta Mita), Sitio Sagrado (Tepoztlán) and La Siranda (Pátzcuaro). 

One of our greatest pleasures is bringing together discerning travelers and fantastic properties. These four hotels all represent the best of Mexico, running the gamut of destinations from the colonial town to the countryside, lakefront and the seashore. They’re a terrific addition to our group and we know our guests will agree.



El Chante Spa Hotel overlooking lake Chapala

El Chante Spa Hotel overlooking lake Chapala


EL CHANTE – Lake Chapala

With a world-class spa, matchless views of Lake Chapala and charming accommodations, El Chante elevates rest and relaxation to new heights. Its 19 rooms—most with lakefront views—are spacious, comfortable and beautifully decorated with locally made furnishings and the vibrant artwork of well-known Mexican artists. Double lounge beds and hand-woven hammocks surround the hotel swimming pool; al fresco dining is a delight under a large pergola. Spa spaces are designed and decorated according to the origin of a particular treatment. The professional Spa staff—all of whom undergo continual training—offers excellent service and the latest in renewal treatments. Its proximity to Guadalajara—the second largest city in Mexico and a captivating colonial destination—gives guests the option of a combined rural/metropolitan vacation. 



Hotel des Artistes; beachfront in Punta de Mita

Hotel des Artistes; beachfront in Punta de Mita


Upscale accommodations—including two- and three-bedroom suites with marble floors, LCS TVs, WiFi and spacious ocean view—coupled with the tantalizing gourmet delicacies of renowned chef Thierry Blouet at the on-site Café des Artistes del Mar make the Hotel des Artistes a unique beachfront luxury property in Punta Mita. Stylish, fully equipped kitchens allow guests to create their own feasts with fresh local ingredients. Perfect for couples or families looking for a spectacular getaway in one of Mexico’s premium beach destinations, just 45 minutes from Puerto Vallarta.




Sitio Sagrado

Sitio Sagrado


“Sitio Sagrado” translates into “sacred site,” an apt name for this 23-suite haven. Inspired by simple pleasures of life, Sitio Sagrado draws on the natural beauty of the land surrounding Tepoztlan. Decorated in soothing earth tones and boasting magnificent views, the suites are located around an inviting central area, complete with a heated pool, decadent daybeds and bar service with snacks. A hydro-spa is tucked away in the picturesque terrain, offering guests unique treatments that blend ancient indigenous therapies with cutting edge techniques. The restaurant tempts the palate with a fusion of fine French and Mexican cuisine prepared with organic ingredients.



La Siranda

La Siranda


LA SIRANDA – Patzcuaro

A private, exclusive gem located just steps from main square of Patzcuaro, La Siranda hides five splendid suites behind richly hued walls. Interior designer and owner Isabel Lange redesigned an 18th century home, filling it with antiques gathered from around the globe. At La Siranda, Old World style meets 21st century technology; fine dining and a stupendous wine cellar tantalize the senses; and the service is truly exceptional. Outside, the charms of the colonial town of Patzcuaro await the curious traveler with cobblestone streets, well-restored period buildings and shady squares. 

Mexico Boutique Hotels Reveals Upgrades and Updates for ’09

February 20, 2009

Puerto Vallarta, MEXICO (February 20, 2009) – Mexico Boutique Hotels, the country’s coolest collection of hot properties in some of Mexico’s most exciting destinations, announced exciting additions and changes to its already stellar service.


New Looks

We’re debuting a fabulous new website and a directory to match. Log onto and you’ll see how we’ve made it easier for guests to find what they’re looking for, whether it’s a great Deal of the Week, information on a destination or a superb package to indulge their passion for life, love, learning or fabulous food. Both tools are now a better reflection of who we are: a one-stop shop for an unforgettable vacation experience coupled with impeccable customer service. 


New Perks 

We’ve brought together a series of great value-added extras only available to guests who book through Mexico Boutique Hotels. Each of our hoteliers knows what their guests love the best, so they’re making sure they pamper them with special touches. Think a complimentary spa treatment; a silky Mexican rebozo to ward off the chill during an evening stroll; a scrumptious full breakfast served en suite; food and beverage vouchers to enjoy treats prepared by the chef and more.


New Gift Certificates

Now anyone can give the gift of travel to the Mexico lovers in their life. Our new gift certificates are good for unforgettable nights at any of our 46 properties. Guests can browse our newly minted pages and pick out a new experience for someone or share one they’ve already had. The lucky recipient will receive a certificate by email or a paper certificate by post (with a copy of the directory). There’s always a great excuse to order one (or several) and they make excellent corporate gifts!


About Mexico Boutique Hotels:

Established in 1999, Mexico Boutique Hotels is a collection of 46 upscale, independent member properties handpicked for their intimacy, high level of service and outstanding attributes. Membership cannot be bought, it must be earned. Some are housed in exquisitely restored architectural gems, others are paeans to Mexican cuisine, still others showcase the sleekly modern—but they each encourage guests to savor the many fascinating traditions of this vast country and all offer guests a unique travel experience. Typically less than 30 rooms in size, they are often destinations unto themselves. Based in Puerto Vallarta, MBH is staffed by an experienced team of travel and hospitality professionals who both live and work in Mexico.

Mexico Boutique Hotels: Story Lines

January 31, 2009


Mexico Boutique Hotel members offer top-notch service and fabulous accommodations in amazing destinations, and the many writers who have visited them have found they also serve as inspiration for some really terrific articles. Here’s a list of ideas:

With 46 hotels in 26 destinations, it’s easy for us to help travelers create a unique itinerary that spans different cities and different hotels. Focus on a tour through Mexico’s colonial gems (Guanajuato, Zacatecas, Morelia, Pátzcuaro, San Miguel de Allende, Guadalajara, Querétaro) with stays at historic mansions and architectural treasures. Or highlight a trip down the wonders of the Pacific Coast (Riviera Nayarit, Puerto Vallarta and Costalegre) on a luxurious beachside adventure.

This is a story of service raised to a whole new level. While concierge service isn’t a new concept, what’s novel about MBH’s approach is the fact that the company offers assistance across separate hotels in multiple destinations with only one point of contact for the guest. Our concierge does it all, from weather reports to recommended packing lists to special requests sent via Blackberry from a guest’s hotel room (true story.) If you’re doing research for an article on the definition of true five-star service, look no further.

Say you’re writing about accommodations representing the best of Mexico: the sights, the sounds, the aromas that swirl together in a soul-stirring fusion. You’ve come to the right place: MBH members have been thoroughly inspected inside and out to ensure they offer their guests a “sense of place,” which means you need look no further than our list of hotels to find the highlight of your piece.

With a narrow street named Callejón del Beso (Alley of the Kiss, in Guanajuato) where you can stand on one balcony and get bussed from the one across the way, “Mexico” and “romance” are nearly synonymous. And we’re not even counting the ultra-private picnics on the beach by starlight (fully attended by a personal butler, of course), the delectable massages à deux, the “no-need-to-leave-your-room” service and more. We also take special requests for truly unforgettable proposals, honeymoons, renewals… You get the idea.

Mexico’s cuisine is a savory blend that mixes ancient cultures, European influences and modern global flavors. Sweet, spicy, salty, exciting, surprising—never boring. There are plenty of stories here, whether you’re tracing Mayan ingredients as they pop up in award-winning modern dishes, watching fresh local ingredients transformed into mouth-watering delicacies or learning the ropes during one of our famous cooking lessons.

Mexico is one of the premiere golfing destinations on the planet and no less than 14 of our hotels are attached to—or minutes away from—world-class greens. El Tamarindo on the Pacific Coast, for example, boasts a signature 18-hole golf course by David Fleming with spectacular views and challenges for the advanced and novice golfer alike. From one coast to the other—and the colonial heart in between—you’ll be able to recommend championship games with après-green stays in exceptional accommodations with spa services, gourmet dining, superior service and more.

This is a country that lives and breathes history, from the ancient Aztec, Olmec and Mayan civilizations to the conquering Spaniards to the über modern sophistication of the 21st century—and it’s all captured in Mexico’s myriad architectural expressions. Trace a story of colonial Mexico through a stay in a gorgeously restored hacienda. Write a study of gardens as living spaces. Follow the steps of cutting-edge design in the big city. Or entrance your readers with a look at how a thoroughly modern interior can be brought to life within the walls of a historic colonial building. We’ve got them all in our collection.

Mexico has been on the green wagon for years and many of our members have been right in the driver’s seat. Whether it’s a penchant for slow food, using only natural products in spa treatments and in-room or introducing guests first-hand to the bounties of nature (leaving only footprints and taking only pictures, of course), there’s plenty to write about on environmental subjects. In fact, one of our hotels has the recycling market cornered—and it’s anything but basic!

MBH as a company happens to have a high ratio of women to men—and between all of us we’ve visited every single hotel on our list. So we can say with confidence: “Ladies, you will feel right at home!” You can recommend cooking classes or antique shopping excursions with a best friend. Suggest a complete beach hotel take-over by a group of friends (easy to do with a tiny property!) or let us give you ideas on the best solo trips ever. Sometimes, we all just really need to get away from it all.

Four words: specials, rates, concierge and commissions. We constantly offer fantastic specials—just check our site! Agents are invited to visit any of our member hotels at great agent rates (or through individual agent FAM trips). We offer both agents and their clients amazing concierge assistance across separate hotels in multiple destinations. And we guarantee their commission. Let us set up an interview for you with our owner or the director. We make it easy for you to talk with the top brass and find out what’s new for agents. It makes for a great industry story every time.

Travel Agents: Mexico Boutique Hotels Guarantees Your Commission 100%!

October 13, 2008

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (October 13, 2008) – Well-known to travel agents around the world as a reliable partner in the industry, Mexico Boutique Hotels takes that relationship one step further by offering a 100% Commission Guarantee. “Commissions are the lifeblood of travel agents, and we are well aware that sometimes it is difficult to receive these when working with a foreign country,” said Sylvie Laitre, Director of Mexico Boutique Hotels. “We have always worked hard to ensure our agents were paid in a timely manner, but through our alliance with FEI Enterprises, we can guarantee it!” 


FEI Enterprises is an international financial services agency dedicated to the tourism industry. Among other things, they offer commission payment and accounts receivable services to hotels worldwide, facilitating foreign transactions on both ends of the equation. The 100% Commission Guarantee isn’t the only benefit agents get from partnering with Mexico Boutique Hotels. Here are a few more reasons to book through us:


1. Our concierge can help you enhance your clients experience even more—before, during and after their visit, across separate hotels in multiple destinations. We can be as “up front” or “behind the scenes” as you want us to be. 


2. Agent rates are available at all MBH properties—we can help organize your trip so you can get to know our properties personally and be better prepared to help your clients enjoy the best of Mexico. 


3. One call does it all: every detail, for one property and one destination or several properties and several destinations. 


4. You will benefit from our close relationship with our hoteliers, not to mention the fact that our offices are in Mexico, not thousands of miles from the source.


5. We are available via toll-free numbers, online chat and email, and our website is an excellent source of information on both hotels and destinations. We speak your language and that of our hoteliers and staff, so there’s less lost in translation.


6. We have personally visited—and qualified—each and every hotel on our roster. Qualifying, by the way, is not a one-time deal: we are constantly reviewing properties to make sure they live up to our standards.


Give us your client’s needs, we can recommend the very best vacation and you can reap the reward of repeat business. Because we represent so many different properties, each with its own unique attributes, you can rest assured we’re not in the business of just selling rooms. We sell experiences—experiences that are tailored to your client’s desire. Let us be your “Mexico insider” to help you become your client’s “Mexico expert”.


To book any of Mexico Boutique Hotels’ stylish properties for your best clients and receive your guaranteed commission check, call 1-800-728-9098 (US and Canada) or visit 


About Mexico Boutique Hotels

Established in 1999, Mexico Boutique Hotels is a collection of 46 upscale, independent member properties handpicked for their intimacy, high level of service and outstanding attributes. Membership cannot be bought, it must be earned. Some properties are housed in exquisitely restored architectural gems, others are paeans to Mexican cuisine, still others showcase the sleekly modern—but they each encourage guests to savor the many fascinating traditions of this vast country and all offer guests a unique travel experience. Typically less than 30 rooms in size, they are often destinations unto themselves. Based in Puerto Vallarta, MBH is staffed by an experienced team of travel and hospitality professionals who both live and work in Mexico.

Mexico Boutique Hotels Welcomes Six New Members!

April 13, 2008

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco (APRIL 13, 2008) – Always on the lookout for the cream of the crop in boutique accommodations, MBH has invited six of the best to join their group. For travelers, this means a wider array of places to choose from, all with an undeniable stamp of approval. Click on and come take a closer look!

LA CASA QUE CANTA – ZIHUATANEJO Recognized for its detailed personalized service and spacious suites, the award-winning La Casa Que Canta recently added two adjacent private villas to its inventory. Located on a gorgeous stretch of beach, it continues to be the epitome of understated, warm Mexican hospitality.

DOS CASAS – SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE Mexican architect Alberto Laposse has created a beautiful oasis tucked away in this already delightful destination. Sophisticated, warm and elegant, Dos Casas provides the perfect space to relax and regroup after a day spent strolling charming cobblestone streets, visiting galleries or simply watching the people go by in one of San Miguel’s busy plazas.

LA PURIFICADORA – PUEBLA La Purificadora is this Puebla’s newest addition—with a twist: the building is a former 19th century water-purifying center. Its sleekly modern central design theme (created by noted architect Ricardo Legorreta) pays homage to its past through its innovative use of materials, while offering the traveler a luxurious pied-à-terre in this amazing city.

CASA YAL’MAKA’AN – ACAPULCO If you yearn for the sensuous rays of the sun but can do without crowds, busy streets and noisy pools, then we have the place for you. Casa Yal’maka’an is a rare find: a peaceful space that is accessed through a major tourist hub. Fly to Acapulco but veer off the main road and head south. You’ll soon notice more vegetation and less occupation.

VILLA MARIA CRISTINA – GUANAJUATO Elegant, sophisticated and only a 20-minute walk from the romantic heart of downtown Guanajuato, Villa Maria Cristina is the ideal home base from which to explore this historic city. A complete Spa and wellness area are welcome extras after a day walking around the beautifully restored streets or touring the gorgeous countryside.

SIERRA LAGO – MASCOTA Far from the better-known coastal regions, Mexico has hidden away beautiful lakeside retreats where fireplaces, log cabins, wildlife and fresh air abound. At the end of a primitive road, Sierra Lago awaits visitors with a peaceful paradise where silence is golden, views are serene and relaxation takes on a whole new meaning.

About Mexico Boutique Hotels
Established in 1999 by John Youden’s Producciones Viva, Mexico Boutique Hotels is a collection of 47 upscale, independent member properties handpicked for their intimacy, high level of service and outstanding attributes. Some are housed in exquisitely restored architectural gems, others are paeans to Mexican cuisine, still others showcase the sleekly modern—but they each encourage guests to savor the many fascinating traditions of this vast country and all offer guests a unique travel experience. Typically less than 30 rooms in size, they are often destinations unto themselves. Based in Puerto Vallarta, MBH is staffed by an experienced team of travel and hospitality professionals who both live and work in Mexico.

Book any of Mexico Boutique Hotels’ stylish properties by calling 1-800-728-9098 (U.S. and Canada) or visiting 

Mexico Boutique Hotels Announces Its Top 10 Best Sellers for 2007

April 13, 2008

Mexico Boutique Hotels Announces Its Top Ten Best Sellers for 2007

It Wasn’t Easy, But We Did It With A Little Help From Our Guests!


Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco (April 13, 2008) – Top Ten Lists are the tiptop of what’s hot: from books to blogs to best-dressed ladies, they’re the one-stop-shop for those looking for the best. Mexico Boutique Hotels, an eclectic collection of upscale boutique properties, knows a thing or two about what it means to be at the “top”. Now they’ve put together their own list based not on their own criteria, but on the number of bookings made by their very satisfied guests.


And now, without further ado, the MBH Top Ten Best Sellers for 2007: 


10. Majahuitas – Puerto Vallarta 

This is the three-hour tour without putting up with Gilligan’s shenanigans—and with much better food! In fact, while you’re waiting for the dinner gong (really) all you have to do is hang around in your hammock, flirt with the fishes and work on your golden tan. Don’t worry, though: the mainland is just a hop, skip and a panga-ride away…


* Please note that this hotel is no longer a member of Mexico Boutique Hotels


9. Quinta Las Acacias – Guanajuato

Guanajuato, a colonial jewel with winding cobblestone streets, gorgeous gardens and romantic balconies, plays host to this French-style mansion that harks back to the 19th century. Prepare to be seduced by the blend of European luxury and Mexican beauty, plus its special brand of personalized attention without pretension. This is elegant hospitality at its best, and nowhere will you feel it more than when you’re happily ensconced in one of its 17 splendid suites. 


8. Xaloc Resort – Isla Holbox

Simple, casual, yet unforgettable, this is the place where you can swim with the whale sharks in the morning, get in a little fishing in the afternoon and enjoy your catch deliciously prepared on a handmade plate in the evening. The white linen will look stunning against your tan—as will the white sand against your happily bare feet.


7. El Tamarindo – Costalegre

Imagine living in the middle of lush, beautiful jungle — in your very own luxury villa, with your very own plunge pool, hammock, outdoor living area and every modern amenity you could hope for. Oh, and you’ll be right next door to one of the world’s most stunning golf courses. Any questions?


6. Hacienda San Angel – Puerto Vallarta

Perched above the lovely city of Puerto Vallarta, the beautifully restored villas that make up Hacienda San Angel are a tour de force of fine antiques and a tribute to the owner’s good taste. The service, the food and the picture-perfect location are the butter cream icing on this sophisticated masterpiece. (And the margaritas are to die for!)


5. La Casona – Mexico City

Nestled in the heart of one of the most fascinating cities on the planet, La Casona’s privileged location is just a few blocks from the Paseo de la Reforma, a main artery of the gorgeously restored historical center. From here, the concierge organizes for lucky guests a variety of tours to enjoy after the delicious complimentary continental breakfast.


4. Villa Ganz – Guadalajara

We know of a certain international superstar—Mexican, by the way—who recently chose to spend a few nights in this wonderfully restored mansion in Mexico’s second-largest city. We won’t divulge his name (hubba hubba), but we do know he basked in the marvelous warmth of owner Sally Rangel, enjoyed the exceptional service and found a much-needed respite from the Hollywood hubbub.


3. Las Alamandas – Costalegre

Their finest reviews are usually offered under condition of anonymity, giving a hint of why this “heaven on earth” is so popular with the A-lister’s: great discretion and even greater privacy. Gourmet picnics unfurl on pristine, paparazzi-free beaches; nature at its best surrounds superbly designed villas; and exacting service ensures a perfect getaway. ‘Nuff said.


2. Meson Sacristia de la Compañía – Puebla

Heavy wooden doors open up onto a gorgeous courtyard filled with beautifully preserved antiques and fine rustic furnishings, a tasteful background that serves up exemplary service and awardwinning traditional Pueblan cuisine. Guests take home antiques, memories and the indelible experience of learning how to cook the perfect mole.


And drum roll, please…


1. Casa de Mita – Punta de Mita

There was just no doubting Casa de Mita’s ranking as número uno: guests have a tendency to effuse, enthuse and otherwise gush about their stay. This also might be the only place where you’ll actually want to take the all-inclusive option: it’s truly exquisite and a far, far cry from the usual greaseladen buffet. This tiny jewel on a secluded beach puts the “I” in “impeccable service” and we guarantee you will be hard-pressed to find a reason to leave.