Street Food Experience in Querétaro

June 24, 2009

Julie Carmann, a native of Nebraska who blogs on Midwesterner in Mexico, the life and times of a gringa in Mexico City, recently wrote a colorful post on her experience with Queretaro street food titled  “We are one with Street Food Vendors of Querétaro”. Here’s a tasty bit…

We felt obligated to take advantage of both of us having New Year’s Day 2009 off from work, and so parlayed it into a 2-night stay in Querétaro, a town of ~1.6 million people located two hours northwest of Mexico City. Our recent string of luck continued, as we happened upon yet another holiday festival– the town squares were bustling with folks celebrating the New Year with their families & street vendors doing a “land office business”, as we like to say back in the Midwest.

I will admit, I have been a bit shy about partaking from street vendors during my stay in México thus far. The food always (well, almost always) looks amazing, but my stomach is not über-resiliant to new bacteria friends in general, and YMMV when it comes to hygiene practices at any given food cart. However, the delights being proffered in the aisles of vendors along the north & south sides of Jardin Zenea were attractive enough to inspire me to gamble.

Read the full blog post at Midwesternerinmexico


Wine Ice in Queretaro, Mexico

June 20, 2009

Travel writer Karen Catchpole recently visited the city of Queretaro as part of her Trans-America Journey. When booking Karen into the Doña Urraca hotel, our Mexico Boutique Hotels’ concierge Rocio suggested she visit a special ice cream shop. Turns out it was something to write home about…