Tequila Tales, by Peggy Sijswerda

July 8, 2009


Image provided by Mundo Cuervo

Image provided by Mundo Cuervo



TEQUILA stars (Guadalajara and Villa Ganz as best supporting actors) in in this month’s edition of Ventana Monthly Magazine

Forget about shot glasses and margarita mix, fine tequila is a sipping spirit. Here, we travel to the source: the birthplace of Mexico’s national drink. By Peggy Sijswerda.

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Ventana Monthly Magazine – Tequila


On The Tequila Trail, by Shane Mitchell

October 4, 2006

An interesting article about Shane Mitchells’ experience in the land of Tequila as featured in Travel + Leisure.

In the volcanic hills of Jalisco, Mexico, a new generation of distillers is focusing attention once again on premium, artisanal tequila. Shane Mitchell investigates.